From the beginning, you were with me. Your love knew no bounds – an open heart with open arms, you were so rejoiced when I came first in the first standard. I remember the sugar cane juice and Cornetto ice creams that you bought me asking me not tell mum and dad. I remember getting my favorite ice cream and eating while you were driving. I also remember the accident that we had when we were getting back home and that bull that came out of nowhere. You must have been so hurt, but never did show any sign of pain. I cried for my blown up busted lip and cheek and all you did was take care of me.


If I look back now, I don’t remember watching you get sick or hurt, ever. You never stayed in bed late. Just like your routine, since your boarding years, you woke up early, got ready, read the newspaper, ate breakfast, read the newspaper again and went to work. God, the work!! I always have been in awe of you. Working till that ominous day. I cannot say that you were crazy, but you were definitely the one who took life by its ear and made it do what you wanted.

You treasured people and relationships because that is how you were brought up. You took people at their face value.

I remember the way you used to remind me that you have only slapped me once. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember. I don’t remember putting my hand in the electrical socket. I was a toddler, but you were always there, weren’t you. Grandpa, you knew what a naughty child, I was (kinda am). Everyone takes time to know who I am but you always knew. You knew that if Sabreen was complaining that I hit her, I actually did, but you still loved me didn’t you even with my tantrums.

You were the one who bought me my first book and took pride in my collection. From coin collecting to creating my own ever-developing library, you were there for each step of mine. You were so proud when I enrolled for NCC in school and continued until college. I knew you hated when I dropped my (sorta yours) the dream of going to the army but were happy when I got my job straight outta college.

You were my strength, my ally and literally, a person I could count on. I remember you being sick and telling me that you were waiting for me and that you missed me. I cannot tell you how much that affected me.

You were and will always remain my hero. I loved your army stories and though, I never showed too many emotions, I loved you.