Love stays young or that was what he thought. He vowed to love her like 16 at 80. She promised to adore at 90 just like she did at 18. They loved each other from near and from afar. 5000 miles turned into smoke when the phone rang. They always slept together, just a few miles away.


Majority of their days were good. There was more laughter between them than tears. They were finally in their happy place despite being miles away. A morning message and a good night kiss were sometimes enough. There was more companionship and chemistry between the lovers than there was between the people who had lived together for years. It might have been because they had their own lives with no interference from their other half. Yes, they were a couple but they were their own people first.

Then, bad days happened. They were filled with tears, sadness, loneliness, and pain. They were the days when both souls pushed their physical boundaries to be together.Phones calls were not enough, neither were the good nights and the I love you’s. These days required the presence, they required human touch but more than that, they required the touch of a loved one. They were bad days and like the bad days are, the sun shined and good days came back again.


However, these bad days often took a piece with them. A little bit of love, a little bit of care and placed loneliness and hurt in those small crevasses. This loneliness throbbed every day making the distance unbearable. The vision of future with each passing day seemed dull.

The memory of them spending time together hurt every day. It hurt more when she saw couples together or he thought about her.But this was LOVE FROM AFAR. Love Across The Sea. It was meant to hurt. It was meant to be painful and feel unbearable.

The pain continued and so did the love. Promises strengthened while the distance waned. And he still loved her at 80 just like he did at 16 and she still fell for him every day, just like she did at 18.