Writers are unusual people. We think about murders, love, romance, death, pain, hopefulness and what not. There is no time nor a place when we are not thinking about our work or how we can make it better and when we do all we can think about is going home to our computers or typewriters or manuscripts and just making those edits. (I know you agree). 🙂


My family and friends often point out that I stare at people or look at people no matter what I am doing. I am also told that my continuous staring at people makes them uncomfortable. Here is my confession: I just cannot help it. I look (or stare) at people and just think that what if my character was in this situation, what would she be doing? I dress my characters in my mind looking at clothes people are wearing.

I am having a sort of writer’s block for the past few weeks. Ask any writer who has a full-time job. It is exhausting and draining. Half of the week, I cannot even keep my eyes open. Guys, how do you do that? How do you maintain a full day job and then come home and work on your manuscript? Franz Kafka wrote brilliant books while working. How? Sometimes I think it would be easier to handle a baby. O_0


that’s what she said…. 😀


Coming back to the actual point, it is quite often that people ask us that how do we write? How do we form the words in such a way that it gives a whole new meaning to them?

Though it cannot be called easy, it is actually quite easy to get inspiration. We all have that around us. Human experiences are the inspirations. My own to that of my best friend, my neighbor, my colleague, my parents, that stranger whose voice I listen when he shouts in the office next door, everything everywhere is an inspiration. What matters is how you absorb it.

The question that should be asked is: What do writers think when they write?

Personally, when I write there are myriad of things going in my mind. I am thinking about my characters, my inspiration for that particular section, my own views, things I have right now to eat, am I hungry and oh so much more. I am not saying that we writers are different from the non-writers. We are the same, the only difference is that we look, we stare, we understand and we absorb. For us, everything we do is an experience, an inspiration.

We write because that’s what we do. That’s how we escape. Our tribulation, our pain, our happiness, our love, our dreams and our journey of life can all be found in the things we write about. We write because we have to. With every emotion, words come up, amplifying that feeling, those emotions. Sometimes when I write, I end up crying. It is hard to write, harder than feeling the feelings.


Writing is an outlet, a way of life for us writers. Some of us may have been writing since childhood, for some it is a way to cope with their adulthood and for some, it is just a way of life.

This is what writing is for me – an outlet and a way of life. What is it for you? How do you get inspired to write? How do you write?