Hate is such easy word. I hate you. It is so easy to say. So easy to let the people know how much you despise them. All they have to say is, “I hate you. You should probably kill yourself.” How easy to say the words that can change the lives of people. I wonder if it is easy to hear these words for yourself. Is it be easier to show the false sense of security rather than say sorry or not troll someone or drive people to kill themselves?

We live in a world where a normal, an everyday voice can bring the change. With the Internet, social media has become not only phenomenon but also a place where voices are heard and all can make decisions collectively. However, we are using such a platform for hate speech. I know that when a point is presented by someone, there are always counterpoints and counter objectives. What I don’t understand is why we cannot discuss and understand things with patience. If I was to say that Trump is a baboon who will transform America into a country of apes; then, rather than to call me a “third-world” nobody, I would prefer to have an intellectual discussion about it. The Trump supporter can tell me why they think that he is the best choice (not by dissing Clinton, but by telling how Trump would be better) and then, I will offer the counter points about the things that I think are wrong with him. (Not that this has happened to me yet)

What kind of satisfaction does it bring when you tell people that you hate them or the fact that they should kill themselves? I am sorry to say but that person can only be a monster to say such things to another person.

I am a person of colour. I am brown-skinned living in a country where everyone is brown skinned but prefer the fair ones. A country where skin colour should not matter much but does. A country where people call their “north-eastern” fellows names. I live in a world where terrorism has become religion. A world where being a coloured person and a white person is a massive problem.

An artist is sent hate mails and messages not because she is an awful actor but because she is a woman of colour. You guys would have Kristen Stewart acting, but would ask Jesse Williams to be boycotted because he spoke for the things that matter. You guys would have ISIS bombing you, but won’t raise your voice against it. Those people are turning us into homophobes. They are dividing us on religion.

Tell me how many of us change our seats on bus or trains when we see a coloured person especially when he or she if of the Islamic faith. Right now, that is not here in North India. But, then there are not much Muslims in Punjab.

I know what I am asking is pretty stupid, but a girl can dream: ISIS is a problem that is affecting the whole world. Why not all nations forget their differences for once and join hands together to finish them for once and all? —- Is it too much to ask?

You know Quran never sanctioned this. In Quran, it is actually written that the person who harms a life has, in eyes of Allah, harmed the humanity itself.


Right now, you have to be white to live in Trump’s America and coloured to live somewhere else. I am not saying that we shouldn’t get angry. That is part that makes us humans—our emotions. We should get angry but for the causes that matter and the reasons that make us humane. Yesterday, I checked news in office and couldn’t help but cry about what happened in Germany. He was a 17-year-old boy and he nearly hacked people to death. I am afraid of living in this world. I am afraid for the people I love. I am afraid that the generation that is born now or will be born in the upcoming 10 years won’t have the little joys that we did. They will be discriminated, divided and filled with hate from the beginning. They will grow with the hate inside their hearts. No matter the colour of their skin, they will be black from inside.

Tell me, you trolls and the hate mail senders, do you want your children and grandchildren to be filled with hate? Do you want to be the reason they will be dead from inside? Do you want them to say that my grandparent, parent or uncle or aunt is a troll? Want them to say that you are the reason that LGBTQ community was never accepted or do you want them to show pictures and say that you were all for the peace and you advocated for humanity rather than a particular race, religion, colour or creed?

I want my children and grandchildren to say that their mother, grandmother, or aunt was the one who stood up for the wrong. She was a voice that made herself heard. I won’t mind if my children were to be gay, bisexual or lesbian etc., I would mind very much if they turn out to be uneducated, ignorant, racist homophobic hicks who have a loud mouth and no brain to speak of; I would mind that very much.

What I want you guys to think (if you make it to the end) is what do you want to be? What do you want your legacy to be? Are you homophobic, racist, ignorant hick or are you an intellectual, intelligent human being who knows that it is important to ask a question then to state a stupid statement?

Who are you?

(P.S.: If any grammar-Nazi is here, I am sorry for any mistakes that I have made. My thought process is a bit faster than I can type at 1 am and I am high on chocolate and sugar. Forgive me my lord, for I have sinned.)