In a world this negative, sometimes little good things looks like a silver lining. A stranger helping you out, being praised for your great work, fining that extra money from yesterday jeans that you had forgotten about. These things make a day good. I feel good finding extra money or food, sometimes that happiness goes away after I look at the news or turn on my computer. All day what I can see if death of this, killing of that, racism here, rapes there. It feels that everything good in the world as all but vanished and we are left with the sadness and worthlessness.

America is going through the problem of racism, mass shooting, police brutality, no gun control and having two excuse-my-expression idiots in the presidential race. UK is struggling with Brexit and what not. India is having its own set of problem like rapes, honor killings, inadequate governance. There is also worldwide problem of ISIS, terrorism, global warming and environmental damage.

Sometimes after going through everything and thinking about that, I often end up feeling that there is no good in the world. In poor countries, people are suffering from lack of food, drinking water, basic amenities and in the “rich” countries, people are suffering from stupidity of having problems like being homophobic, having lack of humanity and what not. I mean, seriously, there are people in the world that don’t have anything to eat or drink and all they want are basic things and then there are “people’ in this world who kill people because they don’t agree with their religious views or the way of living.

So, what if she loves girls and/or boys and what if he has a husband not a wife, they are humans, worthy of same self-respect, dignity and right that “normal” people have.

Dear Christians who think Bible is everything,

  1. Your god is not a white. He DOES NOT have a white skin or blue eyes. He was a JEW. Born in Jerusalem, Israel; brown-skinned, dark eyed who was an outcast. Stop acting like your faith is the greatest.
  2. I tried to read Bible. I started from the Old Testament. I stopped when I couldn’t get the answer whether Cain married his own sister which was incestuous or whether there were other people on earth in which case Bible is nothing but a load of crap.
  3. I am very pro-Jesus. He was the man; an outcast who saved humanity, but don’t you think that it is too much to say that the person walked on water or created wine from water. I mean he must have been a great man, but creating an institution on it. Isn’t that a tad bit too much?

My dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

Have you gone through Quran? I mean really gone through it. Half of you cannot. It is written in Persian and whatever the priest tells you, you guys do. There is nowhere written that gays should be killed or stoned to death or women should be not giving any rights.

  1. Quran is a beautiful holy book. One that needs to be read and understood properly.
  2. Terrorists like ISIS, Lasker-e-Toiba, they don’t know shit about Quran. If they had, they would never be terrorists and would know the actual meaning of Jihad.
  3. Prophet was very pro-women and all the shit that has be said against women, fatwas published is all done by the priests who were drunk with the power they got.

I am a Sikh myself. I know all the rules and regulation of my religion. Sikhism was based on just one fact that God resides in every human being, no matter good or bad and there is only one God; the One who is eternal and omnipotent. He does not belong to any religion or person. Our Gurus were Hindus with followers of all cast, creed and religion. However, just like any religion, we have forgotten all about their teachings.

  1. Guru Nanak said that we should not pray to any idols, for God is everywhere. We people have created pictures, idols and photographs of him; placed him everywhere from prayer homes to bedrooms, even cars.
  2. Last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh said that our holy book Guru Granth Sahib was to be considered the last Guru and no one else after him should be considered as Guru. Our society has created Gurus and Baba such as Nirmal Baba, Guru Ram Rahim and more to whom religion is a great path to earn money and build an empire. They have cases of money extortion, harassment, rapes against them and people follow them as if they are the incarnation of God themselves on our blessed Earth.

For God sakes, Do you guys have brains or are you born without them?

Dear Hindus,

Your religion is awesome. Vedas, Upnishads and Gita are great great source of knowledge. Nevertheless, Why are you guys set on converting the whole nation? You have more than 1 crore gods; a different god for a different remedy. I think I read somewhere that they considered that all these gods are actually manifestation of the all-powerful almighty. Guys, why don’t you worship the supreme almighty themselves? (Genuine Question)

They have pandits or holy men who with astrology can change the life of a person. They can make or break someone’s destiny. Wear pearl for controlling anger, green for luck, blue of marriage and these are all according to the sun sign you were born under.

Two people can only marry if their kundili(s), jaman patri or birth horoscope is in perfect correlation. I have a friend who is with a guy for more than 9 years. They have been through up and down together, but cannot marry because families are not agreeing, as their horoscopes are not in good correlation with each other. o_O

My mother says you should not question anybody’s faith. What if that person has a stupid sense of faith like being a white supremacist, or fanatical Muslim or thinking that their faith is the best and everyone should follow? I cannot help but say something. It is like the human inside me says what happened to the brain that this person was born with?

Humanity is beautiful. We humans are beautiful creation. Whether you believe in Darwin or God, we are the advanced creation better than animals. But are we? Are we better than the animals who kill because they need to survive not for pleasure? Because what is happening in the world around us, all makes me believe that we are worse than animals. We are killing our planet, each other and the humanity itself.

I think that if Ice Age or apocalyptic doom of humanity happens and there is a choice of starting over, we should opt for starting over rather than staying the way we are.