First day of journey started with us travelling to Rajasthan via the green-fields of the Punjab and a few cities of Haryana. In the early hours of the morning we had a quick stop in Jind (Haryana) to visit GurudwaraDhamtaan Sahib. It is believed that anybody who is visiting Huzoor Sahib (Naned, Maharastra) should visit here first and then only his journey would be a successful one.

Small canal in Jind
A brick klin or factory in Jind

Even though the general notion is of the fact that Rajasthan only has desert is not at all true. The part of Rajasthan that connects with Punjab is filled with “sarso ke khet” (fields of mustard). This green part extends in almost half of the Rajasthan. Whole state is occupiedwith little towns that are miles apart from each other. At night came the desert. Cold and empty, I could do nothing but stare and the vast emptiness and abyss it symbolized. The spiky thorny trees and small bushes acted as dabs of green in the painting of brown. We travelled through the desert expanse in the mid of night, getting lost in the small town where we were supposed to stay.

It was about 2 in the morning, when we reached a small town in middle of nowhere. Everybody in the mini-bus was tired and all we wanted was a place to sleep. Being a small town, believe me or not there were actually no hotels. We searched for Gurudwara on the GPS and found one. It was for one hour that we moved in the silent city.

You have to see the city when the whole town is asleep. It is quiet yet somehow there is life underneath all the quietness.

At about 4:30am we reached Gurudwara. The light was on which meant that priest was awake and was doing the morning adulations. My grandfather went to the door and knocked loudly. At first, there were the sounds of a person beginning the day. It seems that the loud knock shocked the priest out of his wits. At the sound of the knock, he switched off the lights of the place and was suddenly very quiet. We waited for a long time and soon it was 5:30am. For an hour, we waited in front of the Gurudwara and nothing happened. The priest (kind off) disappeared. I mean at first the place seemed alive with the sounds that were coming…..such as sound of water being drawn from well and sound of a person moving here and there but as soon as we knocked everything went quiet as if there was no one there.

We finally moved. Drivers were tired, children were tired, adults were tired and we young adults were tooo tired. There were actual waves of tiredness going back and forth. J It was about 2 hours later, we reached a place called Neemch (nee-mch)in Madhya Pradesh and found a place to get fresh and stay for an hour or so. It was after we had food in our tummies that the incident became anecdote….and that too a funny one. From my Nani Maa to my Mammu and my little sissy…we all started laughing thinking about what the priest was feeling and how much afraid he would have been to hear loud knocking in the wee hours of morning.

An old, decrepit and dilapidated builading in Neech, Madhaya Pradesh

(P.S: I know I am too late with this. There was sooo much on my plate and I was tired: emotionally, physically, literally and figuratively; nevertheless I have been regularly posting small snippets of words, I like to call poetry :). I would love it if you guys would check it out and give me your views.)