Whether it was centuries ago or in present “forward-thinking” world, women have always been given a second place. Most people will call me a misunderstood feminist whose heart may be in right place but mind is not. Nevertheless, I need to write this out and I need this out of my head.

We live in a world where we have read books like Gone Girl & more and have agreed that females could be as fatal, as brutal and as cruel as men if they want to. However, there is one think that we don’t know and that is the fact that no matter what we say, what we do or how we behave, men have, since the last thousands of centuries, believed that they have the right to own a women. Own as if she is a house, cattle, property or a bloody thing. And even now, nothing has changed.

“First world” citizens, you might think that this happens in “third-world” countries where there are uneducated and narrow-minded people and constrictive religion like Islam or even Hinduism. This is not true. It is not the religion that is narrow or constrictive, but the people. Corrupt, power-hungry people with no belief in God and neither in the religion, who have turned this into a joke. They would do anything for their needs and their power. The prime example of this viewpoint is the true tale of Soraya M. A woman whose only mistake was the fact that she was, not with her want, was married to a greedy, abusive man who wanted to marry a fourteen year old and was stoned to death just because she restricted. The wrong use of religion, power and authority can be seen. It can also been that society is nothing but herd of sheep who don’t have their own set of mind. Seriously!!! In what world is it ok to marry a child of 14 to a man of 40, a man who is father of four?

In every religion, a woman is given a place next to God. In Christianity: She is Mary, mother to son of God; In Hinduism: she is Shakti the amalgamation of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali; In Islam: she is Fatimah, for whom Muhammad himself said, “Allah, The Most High; is pleased when Fatimah is pleased and is angered when Fatimah is angered.”

How come that woman the revered being in all religions that humans on this earth follow are turned into derogatory, sub-humans who can be stoned to death, put in four walls and used as property? Can anybody give answer to this!!!

A woman is supposed to be respected, not leered at, or to be used as a sex object or to be used at a property that men can barter with to fulfill its needs. You cannot do that. Basic humanity says that no person can do that not even a woman herself can do this. You cannot abuse, depreciate or spread rumor about fellow females just because you don’t like them. In what sense, is it right? Would you want this for yourself?

Dear Men,

You believe that you are the stronger species, the species who is supposed to provide and protect. I am sorry to break your glass house, but you are not providers nor you are the protectors. We are. As in men and women both. One is incomplete without another. How are you supposed to lift yourself up when you push us women down? How can you call yourself educated and open-minded when you come home and order the females in your home to do all the work and treat them like servants?
Grow up. Be Human.

Dear Women,

Stop thinking yourself as dainty dolls or damsels in distress who can only be saved by the knight in shining armor. Be your own hero. Fight for your rights. And for God sake’s stop blaming the men for the chances that you were so afraid to take up yourself. There is more to life than beauty and appearances. Don’t be beautiful outside. Be beautiful inside. Be a beautiful brain. Don’t give the humans (men and women) chance to call you beautiful bimbos. Be beautiful brains.
Rebel. Take your chance. Make a difference.

Dear Society,

Let us breathe. We are supposed to be unique. God wouldn’t have created us all different is he or she wanted to place in the same societal mold. Let the men be. Let the women be.