Being human is tough. However, I also wonder that do other beings that are present here go through the feelings that we feel in our everyday lives. Maybe they do.
There are just so many emotions. From happiness to weird feeling where it seems that we are stuck in an emotional abyss feeling nothing. This life is easy…emotions make it complicated.

Every time I write, I pour what is going on inside me. My psyche, my emotions, my life is out in the open for people to unravel and see. However, immediately I am done, it seems that I am sinking in an abyss with has nothing. No emotions. I feel depressed. Not exactly depressed but just emotionally tired and exhausted.
I try to be happy, keep talking about things that actually don’t matter. Try to listen to over cheery songs. Nothing helps. I usually end up crying…about nothing. It is like my soul wants to cry out all the negativity.
I am happy person. I have a life and people around me who love me and I am thankful for that everyday. Nevertheless, this emotional abyss happens once a week, and I usually end up crying in my pillow…acting as if everything is fine. It is something I never shared.

Do any of you feel this sadness, depression  and feeling of abyss that strucks out of nowhere and hurts so much?