From your little sighs,
to the way you clear your throat.
There is something irresistable about you.

Maybe it is the way you wake up
in the morning, slowly and
then immediately.
Your arms search for me
and you drag me closer to you.
With your chest to my back
You kiss me. Tenderly. Gently.

I feel the heat from the soft kiss
in my bones.
Wanting to see your soft brown eyes
in the morning light,
I turn and you pretend to sleep.

I return the kiss that was given tenderly
on my neck……back
to your lips, which open under mine
wanting just a little taste.
Your eyes open…questioning
asking and finding
the answer to the question
that my lips conveyed to yours.

Maybe you get your answer
Maybe you pretend you did
All you do is hug me tighter
and sigh from contentment.
As if this is what you have been waiting for your whole life.


It could also be the way
you sleep at night.
With your lips on my forehead
and your arms enclosed around me
as if you are holding something
that you are afraid to let go of.

You don’t drift away….
You are never gently lulled by sleep.
You sleep just like you wake up.
Slowly and then immediately.

Your deep breaths are aphrodisiac for me.
It is me who hugs you tighter at night.
Keeps head on your chest and sleeps hearing your heartbeats.
It is me who tangles legs with yours and softly kisses on your jaw.

Sometimes you smile in your sleep
And I sleep happy, knowing
that you are happy.
You mention my name in your sleep
and ask me not to go.
Your arms unknowingly tighten around me
and you sigh softly knowing that I am right here.

This is how I know you love me.
Without you having to say.
From the unspoken words
to the deep sighs.
I know you love me just like I do.