Sometimes it hurts to look at you
in the dimming light
hurts my heart and
my bones
when you smile.

When the wind blows
your arms come around me
to embrace me,
keep me warm
All I want to do is break free.

At night, in same bed
You sleep, while,
I create my alternate world.
Where we are not comfortable
but passionate.

I toss and turn whole night
Sometimes waiting for you to
turn your back on me
But, all you do is cuddle me
kiss the back of my head
try to make me sleep.

But You sleep,
and I lie awake
Listening you breath
wishing that I
could kiss you instead

Maybe, that intimacy is gone!!
or Maybe, I am thinking too much!!
But all I know is that
we’ve Trouble in our Paradise.

We need to work together
Save our little Paradise
it will all, but wither away
it’s red petals falling to ground
and breaking away.