The world around is chaos
Ever burning

It is the randomness
Of things around me
That leaves
Me unperturbed.

The chaos
Unstopping movement
Of everyone.

Busy in themselves
I am Alice
The Looking Glass

Looking in
The world around me.
The pain it brings
The hurt it offers
The loneliness it provides.

Chaos gives birth to new things
Randomness makes way for revolution

The Pandemonium
The Anarchy
The Bedlam
All made way for upheaval.

Would this start here?
In the chaos around me
Will I always be Alice
Looking in from the Glass


Will I be Evey
Fighting, living
And breathing
This Pandemonium

Don’t want this stop
Don’t want me to be blocked
By my misdemeanors
By my luck

This chaos is my life
This Pandemonium is my drive
It fuels my fire
Makes it burn better and brighter

Let this chaos live
Let this bedlam thrive
Let this pandemonium shake
Earth and Sky.