First, let me say Happy Halloween Guys!!!! It is good to be back <3.

(It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post and Halloween seemed right time to be back. :). Believe me, even though, I wanted to, I just didn’t have enough time. But today, I am home finally after a long time and I have got time and the mood to write. Finally!!!!)

What is more important Money or Passion?

I recently heard someone say that “When you do something you love, at first people will ignore you, then they’ll laugh at you, then they’ll hate you but finally, they will adore you.” I thought about it a long time, and I realized that how true this statement is. When we do what we love, whether it’s our job, or our life as whole, people around us (from family to friends and even, strangers) will go through all these stages.

They ignore you because they think that you’ll come soon to your senses. Then, they laugh at you because they think that their “criticism” will make us back down and do something that is “constructive” and “acceptable” by the “respectable” society. (Pun Intended 😉 ) However, they soon realize that neither their ignorance nor their jokes are having any affect, they start downright hating us and pushing us around. but when they reach this third stage, we were working hard and nurturing our talent and success has started to come our way. In the end, they see our success, look at us in awe and adore us for the risk that we took to make our lives better, more fulfilling.

The more I think about this, more I believe that it is important to take risk and do what you want to. However, the question arises that what should a person do — Go after a well-paid but soul sucking job or concentrate on less paying but satisfaction giving passion? What I wish is that I could combine both money and passion but I seem to lack the skill of concentrating on one task. For me, I choose Passion. I choose my love for reading and writing over money. Though, money might help me buy the supplies, but it the eventually writing and reading that has a cathartic affect on me.

What about you? What do you choose– Money or Passion?