This week is totally, forever dedicated to one person who is most important to me, One person who has been there always, one who made me realize my potential and makes me aim a lot higher that I would actually do–My fabulous, loving and awesome Grandma, My Nani Maa.

My Nani Maa was a child bride and she told me that she was only 16 when she already had my eldest uncle, my mother with her. This is one thing that has always remained very shocking to me. She herself came from a large family and my Grandpa’s family is also quite big also so she easily got comfortable. She is and always have been
strong, beautiful, get what I want kind of woman. Holidays that I have been spending with her for last 23 years have shaped me into the person I am today. I remember summer holidays with her when I had just given my 10th standard exams and result was a long way off. My grandpa would after lunch take his siesta in other room and me and Grandma would rent old Bollywood movies and watch them whole afternoon. Hatim Tai which had Jitender, Amrish Puri and other actors along with Seeta and Geeta, Sholay and various others. I remember laying on bed and laughing alongside her at over-the-top scenes.
During these summer holidays, she made me learn to read Punjabi and my the God’s grace I did but even now when I try to read Punjabi somewhere and do that correctly, the smile that she shines towards me is enough for all the difficulties I went through learning the language.

She has been my rock for as long as I have been in this world. She is beautiful, strong, ardent, zealous and all those awesome synonymous that describe women of this century are totally apt on her. She is the woman who is fabulous as she is. She fights for what she believes is right and if you are wrong, she is going to be on you like a storm — quiet, deadly and silent. But she is the person who I look up to and will always do. She is one person who I want to be. Her grace, her calm, her kindness, her benevolence and her unconditional love for family close or far — that is what I hope I could be.

I thank God that I have her in my life. I wonder who I would have been if it was not for her. Thank you Nani Maa for loving me and shaping me as a person, I love you more and more each day and every day.