Family is composed of people who are not only related with you by blood but are actually the people with whom you can easily be yourself. You can act silly, childish and even weak. Family comprises of people who love you, stay with you and care for you no matter what. Yes, they would punish you, reprimand you and sometimes even make you enormously mad and angry but they would never let you feel small, sad or dejected. My family can be considered quite large but to me it seems like a close-knit group of people who truly care for each other.

I am thankful to my family for being loving, generous, tad-bit-over protective and caring. My fabulous parents have stood by me in thick and thin and my grandpa i.e Dadu who secretly and generously gives me extra money whenever I need more :-). I have a younger sister who unlike me, is one of the “popular” kids at school.

My maternal family is veryyyy big in comparison with my paternal family.
I got fabulous grandparents i.e. my Nanu and Nani Maa. They are the coolest, greatest and most awesome-st grandparents anyone can ask for. I have been spending all my vacations with them. My Nanu is a quiet person but my Nani Maa is a real fire bomb. Though, a child bride herself, she is the one who made me think about applying for college in Canada and made sure any one in the family wasn’t against With college, my extra-curricular activities and internship, I regret not being able to visit them more often but I am thankful that they are in my life and I get to bask in their unconditional love.

I have got 2 uncles and aunts and I remember when I went to Dubai last summer with Mum, both of them made me eat so much food. Thank God, I was naturally skinny, my weight went up by 3 kgs and believe me with round and small face like mine, I looked over-fed Punjabi kid.

Then I have 4 cousins — 2 boys and 2 girls. We all have about one and half except with youngest ones. Rather than being cousins, we all are actually very close and often plan up parties and pranks. Being the eldest of all, I used to be the one every one looked up to but with my cousin brother all grown up, I happily relinquished the crown of child who was subject of whims of elders.
I remember one time when our whole family was to go Amritsar during summer vacations. I must be 14-15 years old and while the adults were in process of packing, we kids decided to play football. During the match, my brother kicked football hard and it landed in pool of muddy water. Living up the image of my tom-boyish nature, I strode in the muddy water forgetting that I was wearing my new shoes which my Mum told me not to get dirty. As I reached mid-pond, I remembered that I was supposed to keep my shoes clean and stood there thinking – in a pond full of dirty water – what to do. By this time, my younger sister brought my dad and my uncle out of the house and I remember was a teary start to a great trip as all my cousins offered me their snacks to keep my tears at bay. Now, I wish I had pictures of that time. I am grateful and oh, so thankful that I have such a loving family. Even though, that childhood and unburdened life is long gone and the youngest of us in now in 6th standard and I have just completed my Masters, the bond, love and care is still there and even though, we are all scattered away —  In hostels, In Universities and to be jobs, we still are together.
I am thankful for my family and more thankful that this year my Nanu and Nani Maa will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!!! I am so happy, I guess more plans and pranks need to be planned ;-).