Yesterday, I met my best friend and told her that I am thankful that she is in my life — and no matter that people think that girls are sensitive– she said that I was being overly sentimental and this sentimental thing does not work between friends. Her words not mine. But when she hugged me, I knew she kind of liked me saying that to her. This simple, sweet moment made me realize that even though people may say that there is no need of thinking them or being thankful, everyone enjoys or likes being shown a little gratitude. I makes us feel important, that we are worth something. It was this feeling and the blog post I read on “Me and My Random Thoughts” that made me decide that we should always appreciate people who in our lives. Whether they are friends, enemies or frenemies; family members, secret loved ones or just special people you have in your life. It includes your pets as well because they love you and you need to appreciate them.

GratitudeJust like my friend pointed out, it is not necessary to be vocal about your gratitude. A hug, kiss or just a unique thank you note in unique places, that is how you show your gratitude. This year is for every person who touched my life. If you are my loved one, you helped me make beautiful, happy memories for hardships yet to come; If you are my enemy (I guess I may have few of them), you gave me experiences and lessons that I will always remember and well, if you are something in-between, I guess I’ll see you in HELL, Just Kidding (No I am not). We’ll see…… Still this year is going to be shout out to each and every person who has touched my life one way or another. Thank You guys!!!thank you