Hey Guys,
I read about gratitude challenge on a blog (https://mannbikram.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/week-6-the-city-you-live-in/) and decided to take on challenge myself. I think it would help us think, write and understand more about people present in our lives and be thankful to them for being with us in every step of our life. Be more humane, Be more thankful and lastly to be more grateful because ultimately it is our virtues and vices which decides what kind of individual we are. What I believe is that an individual could have a more fulfilling life if he is thankful and grateful for what he has got. No matter if you are self-made person or not, knowing importance of people, place and variety of other things in our life is important (improving on writing skill and able to get discipline to write every week id an added bonus). So, every week(despite the fact that my uni. exams are starting from 11th May) I am going to write 1 blog each weeks for full 52 weeks. This year I am going to be a little more thankful and remember and write about fantastic things in my life.

Lets start writing!!!!

P.S.: There are more challenges like Gratitude Challenge for 21 days, 100 days etc….You can search them on Google and take on one you feel comfortable with.