Why do we act upon the “labels” that are stuck on us by society? Labels of being a girl or a boy, a bourgeois or a capitalist, a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, single or engaged or married. We act according to it and if our “behavior” goes a little beyond what is prescribed by the society, then we are guilty, but guilty about what? Being the way we are… What is our crime that we are different, unique, have thoughts of our own; or that we don’t hide behind facades or painted masks.


From my childhood I have been continuously told how to sit, eat, drink, talk and even sleep. All through my childhood I have heard: ” You are a girl, behave like one.” and finally when I did behave like a girl, all I was I told to make sure people don’t talk about me. That I shouldn’t provide people any reason to gossip about me. As if I can control them. Why should I stop listening to music through my headphones while working just because “people” around me have problem with it. Or that being in love is considered next to homicide. Why can’t I stay happy in my own bubble with people I like and love. No one needs to be perfect inside out, Imperfection is beauty. But doesn’t our “society” have problem with everything we do. If you are perfect, then you are burdened with everyone’s expectations and if you are “Imperfect”, then you are equally burdened because you are continuously told to become perfect. blog-picture

Thousands of Expectations but no Acceptance. Stop labeling me. Stop telling me who I am. I know who I am: I am a girl who is at peace and totally in love in myself. I don’t want your approval. I am me.