There is something about Franz Kafka, that makes you want to read. His unblemished truth and sort of pessimism makes you understand situation around you and sometimes even inside you. You end up questioning yourself about life and various things that constitute it.

the metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis deals with the transformation of a person. Whether the transformation is of his thoughts or body, he suffers yet adopts. The transformation is clear example of a human life. When we change or see the change around us, we suffer. It is basic instinct – humans don’t like change especially the change which affects them dearly. An unknown entity, a sudden change makes human suffer but slowly we adapt. We change our lives according to it. We adapt to it and later, we even welcome it. But it is the period of suffering that transforms a human being. It makes us or breaks us. But whether it is a positive change or a negative, the suffering is heavy and it is human life and human psyche that pays the prize.