There is darkness inside me,
in deep recesses of my soul.
There is brightness in me,
that makes me whole.

I am a complete Universe
I am my Yin,
and my Yang.
I am martini-on-rocks
and water on sand.

I was a deluge
But now I am a ferocious storm.
No longer quiet and meek;
Those days are long gone.

I am a single white light
not a seven colored rainbow,
My black eyes are dark and deep
but with secrets, they glow.

They glow like embers
when fire is breaking through them.
Windows to my soul
dark, deep and grim.

If my soul is black
my heart is blacker
If my wings are white
my secrets are better


I am a Raven,
and a Dove.
I am Crazy,
Hence, Beloved