A Woman is NOT
a Commodity;
nor a piece of meat
to barter with.

She is not a plaything
to use and throw,
according to your desire.
She is not for hire.

A Woman is a beautiful soul
Is pretty and whole.
Plays hundred different roles,
Mother, sister or daughter.

She runs the show,
never crips
or Bores.

She might be a sister
a daughter
or a wife
Tries forever, not to create a strife

A Woman can never be equal to Man
She can never oppress a whole gender.
She rather cry her precious tears
than let them bear
the pain
the humiliation
Curse the righteous Creation.

She is NOT a Commodity.
I am NOT a Commodity.
nor would I act
like a juicy steak
for hungry, ravenous dogs.
Let them try
and catch me,
I’ll show where I belong.

I am a Prize
a Hundred-Million Lottery, Baby.
I am a Phoenix, that’ll rise
from Ashes, bright.

I am Me.
A Woman.
A Human.
Learn to respect,
or you’ll have your ass to protect.