I want to dance with you
on loud music
I want to play Scrabble
till the break of dawn.
Want to spend all my life with you,
buried in your arms.

My heart belongs to you
so does my body and soul
My mind tells me to save myself
because only you can tear a hole
in my heart.

I am in Love, darling
I am in Love with you
I know this love can hurt
still I give to you–
my Heart and my Mind,
my Body and my Soul.
Only you can hurt me,
if you go.

I can tell you Love me
your actions show
your care
your passion
your possessiveness for me
is all I want to know.

You make me fly high
up in the sky.
Make me walk low
down the earth below

Little by little
you’ve changed me
arranged me
in your life
made me a better person
than I ever was.

I am hopelessly in Love with you
that sometimes I feel like I am in an eighties song
I wake up with a smile everyday
and sleep with a kiss on.

I was never this happy
Smiling with no reason.
You came like a blizzard in my life
and even Winter became my favourite season

I believe it
I can feel it
I am in Love
True Love.