A new year has begun
A new day has risen
with more hope
a little more passion
and load more life to live.

This year has renewed
them all,
Old Hopes
Old Wishes
New Desires
New Visions.

Old Resolutions
with new.

Can’t wait to grow,
know myself a little more.
See this world around,
but keep my feet on the ground.

Fly a little high
a little Far
above the clouds
put volume of music
of my life a little loud.

Learn from my mistakes
my missteps
my slips.
Eliminate my vices
my bad habits
my sins.

I vow to be fair
in love and life.
Show a little more patience
try and control the temptation.

Of chocolates and pastries
and enjoy this life
as I want
even when others say I have wasted
it day by day
year by year.

Let this new year
bring us peace,
give us rewards for what we achieve.
Make our life happier,
and crazier.

Let there be love
this year,
more toleration
and more kindness
for people with different
lifestyle and practices.

This year lets embrace
Our Inner Devil
and Our Inner Angel.
Be yourself, a person
full of love and life.