I often boggle my mind,
With a question not so divine.
Why am I hard – hearted,
Or is it due to the things that have started?

My life just turned upside – down,
And I am always with a frown.
Friends turned into strangers,
And I anger over hardened God’s Angels.

There is nothing I could do
But I made friends who are new
Trust and few other issues come up again
And I try not to ignore them in vain

Hard to care
And hard to trust
People with my personal affairs

And that’s why I again boggle my mind,
With the questions about my life
Should I take path created for me,
Or make a new one?
For the people who care want the best
But sometimes I just want to rest
I want to have adventures
And explore the world
With my own eyes

Oh!! Look how the time flies
When you do the things you like

And it again makes me boggle my mind
About the things I already have in my life,
Friends, Family and Time
And I have done no crime
By asking about the things I want in my life

I’ll do it again sometime
When I have got time to face my life
I’ll boggle my mind again
By thinking about the things I want to have for awhile.