A Guest post by Sabreen

I drove to the place where
we used to hang out,
You were there in the garden of Dandelions,
Lying with your eyes closed,
I walk down to you
And you hold me tight giving me a Rose.

We sang like no one was listening,
We danced like it was our wedding song.
The music stopped and you stood still,
asking me if something was wrong.

I said nothing, I was just thinking
about the last night,
the fight we had,
how hard door you slammed.

You kissed my forehead and told me
to forget about the past,
told me to understand
how people change so fast.

I smiled and we danced again
but when you walked away,
it started to rain.

Another day I spent
with no sign of you
You didn’t call or reply
that I missed you too

I went in flashback
to the day you left,
and never came back.
I cried and cried,
and killed my soul in frustration.

Then I realized,
that yesterday
it was not you
but my Drug-Filled Hallucination.