Why break me, when I am already broken?
Why hurt me, when I am already bruised?
Do my tears not make you stop?
make your fists drop?
Does my battered body appease your soul?
Do hearing my cries make you whole?

Wasn’t breaking my heart not enough
that you had to break my soul too?
Make me feel like trash
and dump me in a hole too.

Only a woman, they say
can make a man feel.
But what a woman can do,
when a demon dwells in him.

You bring me down on my knees,
Beat me blue and black,
just to hear me beg.

You have vanquished my dreams,
my hopes, my aspirations
Then want me to give you,
your next generation.

Why don’t you give me wings
and let me soar,
Give me a voice,
and hear me roar.