I wrote this poem, few nights back. Since, then I have tried to come up with its title, but nothing is coming to mind. I have come up with an idea. I am going to post the poem and wait for someone to read it and in comments section, tell me what can be its title.


You have been there
On the top of the stairs,
Looking down on the world
without fear.

I have been there
Down the muddy pond,
Trying to find a way up
being strong.

You and I
are same,
Peas of one pod.

You and I
are different,
Clear Sun and Dark Storm.

Yet we have been together
at one point in life.
Feeling the same things
drowning in our fears.

You are lonely, but never alone.
I am lonely, always lone.

This world looks up to you,
And you’ve got an image to carry.
This world looks down on me,
As if I work in a quarry.

You are me
I am you
Together, we have to renew
this world
this life
Make sure universe
walks by our side.

I have worked hard,
to be who I am.
You have worked hard,
to be who you are.

Poor yet Rich,
Rich but Poor.
Prince is a Pauper
Pauper, a Prince.

Who are they to decide
Who and What we are?
Together, we will walk