I look out the window
And see you standing,
looking and waiting
in the shadows
of this dark,black night.

You think you are dark
but you even shine in light
You think I don’t see you,
blinded by this dark black night.

You are the Angel,
maybe fallen, maybe not.
Were you God’s right hand?
Do you belong to Lucifer or my heart?

My Dark Prince,
My Beloved Angel
You belong everywhere.
In heaven, in hell
in fire, in ice
in peace, in unrest
in ease and unease
in dark, in light

I look out window,
it is a bright day.
I see you again.
meet your dark smouldering eyes.
You are in front of me
taking my hands in yours
kissing them in daylight.

My Dark Prince
You can now even see your light,
Your Halo,
Your Love,
You smile and meet my eyes.