Aimlessly wandering on the Internet, I came across this amazing blog written by a teenager who unfortunately died few years back. I found this one quite amusing and just what i was looking for “” ……Go On

click the link,*waiting*

read the blog *still waiting*

and then come back…*waiting*

…Ok you done..

So the next thing she want you is to write 10 things that you do and which are Totally, Irrevocably against your Gender Type.

This is ME!!

1. I love to drive fast. Vroom Vroom…Its not only boys on their bikes on in car love to drive fast. Its me on my scooter.

2. My favorite colour is Black. Yes, the dark, mysterious, magnificent Black. I hate pink, red or yellow or the bright, flowery colours.

3. I rarely go shopping. Most of my clothes are bought by my mother when she goes out with my little sis.

4. I don’t apply makeup. Never did and will never do *fingers crossed*

5. I like spiders. I think they are pretty.

I guess, these are the only five things with which make me different from Gender Stereotypes. Anyhow, I am proud to be a girly girl who always has her nose in a book and who likes her nails short and hairs long.