Bacon once said in his essay- Of Friendship– that a friend is like an eye, and it is obvious that we see better with two eyes than with one. We meet uncountable number of people throughout life; Some we forget, some forget us but there are some, unique like we are who remain with us throughout our lives. Distance do not separate us nor does the differences in temperaments. We stay with each other through dark or light, happiness or sadness.

But what is important- Quantity or Quality. Lets take example of the most popular girl in my high school. Miss Popular had a large group of friends. All who idolized her from the surface but hated her from deep within. She had quantity of friends but there was not one who was there with her when she needed them. Her so called “best friend” pushed her down the stairs “accidentally”. To tell you the truth, this was one of many incidents that I have come across. Many individuals have back-stabbed their “besties” to get what they want and there have been times when I have been afraid to make friends. I have myself been down the road of having back stabbing bitches who believe in quantity themselves.

But then during my darkest phase in college I was blessed with friends who, more than once, had my back and that too without stabbing.  I have 2 friends and our trio is so much better than a large group. We have awesome sleep-overs, lunch dates with each other and are present in each others moment of glory. They were there when I won my first competition and I was there cheering them on their presentation. We have laughed and cried together and guys, when you laugh on each other farts rather than making the person feel embarrassed, then you have got a friend.

Go ahead, Take risks, Find yourself a friend but in Quality not Quantity.