This is the most common question anyone asks when I tell them that reading is not only my hobby but my everyday food. We readers often get lost in our own world when we get our hands on a book we want to read. The first book i read was Roald Dahl‘s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and I was lost. I spent my time issuing books from school library and spending my weekends and my holidays with them. Reading which started as a hobby turned into obsession and still is. I read every book I can get my hands upon. I spend all my allowance (to my parent’s irritation) on books and ask for more (which I may or may not be given depending how politely I ask) when I want to eat chocolates or go on lunch with friends. I devoured my middle school library and then moved on to my high school one and then college.Image I cant even count how many books I have read since I started.

Some people read to enjoy, some to spend their free time but I read to escape, Escape the reality of my real life and go into dream world of the book where I laugh and cry with the protagonist….Well doesn’t it seems a bit pessimistic. It is actually a lot pessimistic and slightly..ok..largely exaggerated. I love to read and often get lost in it but not to escape but to find peace. Written words, sound of crinkly paper and feel of book in hand, it is peaceful and feels just great. Ask any avid…no…ask any person who inhales book like air and drinks the story like water…It feels effing awesome and everybody loves to feel awesome right. Yup, so that’s why i love to read.