She cried and her sobs echoed in the empty house. There was no one to hold her, no one to tell her that even dark cloud eventually has to pass and give way to sun shine. She cried all alone as she sat huddled on the hard floor of the bedroom. She had pushed away all the people who loved her so many times that they had finally given up and got out of her life. She knew, it was too late. The decision should have been made years ago. She should have left him first time when he hit her. But she was scared then and was right now. She was prisoner in her own house. The dreams and happiness that she felt when she first met him were now distant memories. She felt like an empty vessel with no feeling and emotions. Crying helped to forget the pain and the heartache.

He would soon be back from the bar. He always went there for few hours after beating her mercilessly. In few minutes, the ordeal will began again. She thought of her little baby girl and tried to console that at least he loved their daughter and no matter how bad he treated her, he is a good father to Sarah. She stood up and with shaking legs crossed the bedroom. Pain radiated from her left hip. She hobbled towards the bathroom and washed her face in the sink. She looked at herself in the mirror, and remembered how he used to stare longingly at her sweetly kiss her in the first few weeks of their marriage. All her friends were jealous and said how lucky she was to marry him. She never told them reality and suffered silently. Now, she wished she had done things differently. She longed for her friends and her family. He was like those plants which looked beautiful and safe but when an insect goes close towards it, it kills it; And she was the insect-already dead….

She jumped as a car door was pushed shut. She hastily dried her face and went down to open the door. She wished for Sarah to be here. She was her human barricade, her shield. He never hit her in front of their daughter. But she had left Sarah with her sister. She needed to talk to him. Tell him that she couldn’t do it anymore. Tell him that she wanted divorce. But her plan had backfired on her. How could she think that he will let her simply go away? He will never let her leave. She can leave only when either he dies or she….


p style=”text-align:left;”>He glared at her and asked for dinner. With a crime show blaring in the background, she went to the kitchen and started dicing the vegetables. He would want to eat his dinner while watching the show. After dinner he would start drinking again as if the drinks from bar were not enough and then the accusations will start. He would keep hounding her till she agreed to what he wanted; she always did what she asked, first because of love and now because of fear. She didn’t know what he would do if she denied and nor she wanted to. She knew  she had two options: fight or flight. The option to fight back, to make him understand has not gone very well. She thought of second option of running, but she knew that he would find her, bring her and Sarah home and then maybe kill both of them. Right now he loved Sarah, but he would definitely punish her for running with her mother. It was then the realization struck and she knew she had only one option. She thought of her daughter again and hoped that one day she would understand and forgive her mother. She didn’t have a mother nor a father all she had a sister with whom she can trust with her daughter. She hoped Lori would keep Sarah safe. She knew the hardships of life, she had spent all her life without parents and she would never in her nightmares want that for her daughter. But she had to what she had to do. She prayed to God one last time asking for courage as well as for strength. She clutched knife in her hand and went in the TV room. He had his back to her. Hoping her daughter would forgive her , she struck the knife in her husband’s neck. Screams never came, Blood flowed freely from his mouth like a waterfall and as he died, she felt a new lease of life in her